Top TED Telecoms Talks!


We’ve all heard of TED talks, some of the tops minds of our generation serving up 15 minute, bite sized insights. Well here’s my list of 5 talks anyone working in Telecoms should watch.

  1. Your phone company is watching – Malte Spitz, the bane of Deutsche Telekom, presents his visualisation of the 35 thousand CDRs he was given when he asked what information his carrier stored about him.
  2. The anthropology of mobile phones – Jan Chipchase’s presentation from 2007, just before the launch of the first iPhone, on the ways we interact with mobile technology. Some prophetic insights into areas like mobile money and wearables.
  3. A brief history of phone wiretapping – and how to avoid it – Christopher Soghoian recent talk on wiretapping and technology backdoors. I’m not sure I buy into his use Apple because it’s hard (not impossible) to be wiretapped but the basic message is vital.
  4. The shape-shifting future of the mobile phone – Fabian Hemmart’s talk on non visual information displays. Tactile stuff!
  5. How mobile phones can fight poverty – Iqbal Quadir, founder of GrameenPhone tells his experience as a kid in poor Bangladesh, and later as a banker, and finally starting GrameenPhone which became a bottom-up, tech-empowered approach to development. Essential watching.
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