Russian in 4 months


I thought I’d start blogging about my endeavours to learn Russian to keep track of my progress and to list any resources or tips I find along the way. I’ve set myself a deadline, realistic or not, of being able to hold a simple conversation by the end of this year. Yes you read that right. By Christmas I want to be able to ask for directions and buy a train ticket as well as answer some simple off the cuff questions.

Why Russian?

Like most things it’s not a simple question but let’s just say why not? It’s a fascinating language and I often have fantasies about being able to read some of my favourite books in their native language. There’s also the chance to be able to better communicate with my better half. I always feel making her use English gives me a rather unfair advantage and I’d like one day to be able to argue in Russian :)

Why 4 months?

When I worked out there are only 4 months left in the year I’ll admit I did freak out a bit. Where has the rest of the year gone? So why 4 months? Well I’m planning on going to Moldova for Christmas to visit the better half’s parents and if I want to be able to do more than sit and smile and nod and drink vodka I need to get my Russian skills up to scratch and quickly. I’m hoping I can become conversational within this time frame. Am I going to be able to read War and Peace during my Christmas break? Nope.

So there you have it, my public declaration. I hope this will help keep me accountable and also help motivate me. Next time I’ll give a quick introduction to where I am today in terms of Russian skillz and the resources I’m using to help me along my way.

Until then….

до свидания товарищи!

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