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Data Monetisation – A Poisoned Chalice For Carriers?

The idea that the data flowing across a communication service providers (CSP) network could hold intrinsic value is nothing new. The principles of infonomics, that information should be accounted for with the same formality as traditional assets was first proposed in the late 90’s by Doug Laney, vice president and

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The Dinosaurs Didn’t See It Coming Either

Connectivity Arbitrage and the death of the MNO

April finally saw the release of the long awaited and much anticipated Project Fi, Google’s entry into the retail cellular space in the US. Project Fi is the culmination of a series of acquisitions and decisions dating back as far as 2005 if not further.

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Whatsapp DB SQL

On the iPhone Whatsapp data is stored in a simple sqlite database that can be accessed from a backup and can be queried very easily, here’s a simple query to return messages with the time converted.


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The Rise of Encryption

Encryption. It’s a volatile subject at the moment, especially in the wake of last Friday’s horrific attacks in Paris. The UK government has been campaigning against unbreakable encryption in the run up to the publication of the Investigatory Powers Bill which was released last week and there are new calls

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