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The Dinosaurs Didn’t See It Coming Either

Connectivity Arbitrage and the death of the MNO

April finally saw the release of the long awaited and much anticipated Project Fi, Google’s entry into the retail cellular space in the US. Project Fi is the culmination of a series of acquisitions and decisions dating back as far as 2005 if not further.

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MapR on AWS

In interesting news this week MapR has announced the availability of it’s Hadoop distribution in the AWS market place. All three editions of the MapR Distribution; Community, Enterprise and Enterprise Database Edition are all available.

Community Edition includes the core MapR Data Platform, including MapR File System and MapR Database, along

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Deploying scrapy on EC2

Welcome to part 3 of my guide to using AWS for scraping.

If you haven’t already make sure you check the first two parts, here and here. We’re going to continue using the same EC2 instance you created in part two.

Some assumptions before we begin

I’m going to assume a

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Spark 1.1.0 released

Spark continues it’s rapid release cycle with the first minor update to the 1.x release branch. This release brings operational and performance improvements in Spark core along with significant extensions to Spark’s newest libraries: MLlib and Spark SQL. It also builds out Spark’s Python support and adds new components to the

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Whatsapp DB SQL

On the iPhone Whatsapp data is stored in a simple sqlite database that can be accessed from a backup and can be queried very easily, here’s a simple query to return messages with the time converted.


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